A Better Way to Wear Your Black Jacket

Both men and women can use this combination.

This combination reminds me of wearing the Neil Barrett lightning bolt shirt with a black suit.


It creates the color harmony between white and black, the inner shirt and the black blazer.

lmhkaori300412 (3)

Here Lee Min Ho dresses so well.  Of course it is not really the Neil Barrett look. But we can learn from this picture.

You can combine the black jacket with a pair of black pants (khaki, jeans) and a printed top (it must have at least the black color or brown like the look) Continue reading

The Timeless Way to Wear Your Camel/Beige Coat Properly

This color combination is for both men and women:

I suggest you wear the coat with a pair of black pants (khaki, jeans) with a white top ( T-shirt, sweater, shirt, blouse). I have to say that I really love this combo.

It is okay to wear black shoes with this outfit. Sometimes you can wear the outfit with sneakers (see the look)

This color combination can be used for other black jackets, cardigans, and blazers.

camel coat zara_thecolorharmony

Photo: Zara


Photo: Zara

lee min ho _jarkarta 2013

Photo: Kimsocool




5 Ways to Combine Perfectly Your Maroon Blazer

For both men and women: 

1.I suggest that you wear your maroon blazer with a pair of black pants and a white T-shirt. The top should be a deep V-neck T-shirt.


Blazer                       Long/Short sleeve T-shirt               Pants

Wear black shoes with this color combination.

2. You can combine the maroon blazer with a pair of maroon pants and a white shirt/blouse.


Blazer                        Top                                   Pants

And Wear black shoes with this outfit
3. You can wear dark grey jeans and a black top (sweater/ T-shirt) with the blazer.


Blazer                       Sweater/T-shirt                   Jeans

4. You can style the blazer with a grey top and grey jeans.


Blazer                            Top                                Jeans

For women:

1.It is okay to combine the blazer with a beige top and the black pants.


Blazer                             Top                                  Pants

Looks and Examples:



Blazer                       Long/Short sleeve T-shirt               Pants


Photo: Zara

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