The Sequence of Combining Fashion Items

the sequence of combining fashion items_the color harmony

In the dressing game, a player who harmonizes all his/her clothes, shoes, bags, accessories together is the winner. There is a structure which helps you do it, especially for beginners.

I often start combining for myself by choosing an item I like and the purpose of combination is always to make all items support each other and work in perfect harmony. The first item in my sequence is a top or a bottom, because it usually covers most of the upper or lower human body. But sometimes I still replace it with a bag or hat which I want viewers to see and focus on. Accessories are the last things in the sequence.

In my own model, if you want to start dressing with your tops, the sequence will be:

sequence 1

Starting with your bottoms:

sequence 2

Starting with your dresses or jumpsuits:

sequence 3

Starting with a hat or a pair of shoes:

sequence 5

Following the illustration above, here is the way you combine: you choose an item first (for example it is a top), then you choose a bottom ( it can be a pair of black jeans or shorts) to go well with the top. When it comes to footwear and belts (you do not need it in every ensemble), their colors are chosen to harmonize with the combination of top and bottom. If you want to have a bag and hat, do the next steps. The major importance here you need to remember is to make next items suitable for your existing combo.

 *If you do not need belts, hats, bags, and accessories in your ensemble, skip these steps.

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