You Will Lose in The Dressing Game If…

You Will Lose in The Dressing Game If_the color harmony

In my experience, you will lose in the dressing game if:

  • You think that when you get dressed, it is unnecessary to combine your clothes properly.
  • You are not satisfied with your existing clothes, but you also don’t want to change that.
  • Fashion, style, and clothing are not your areas of interest.
  • Your mother buys you most of your clothes. You are too lazy to do it for yourself.
  • You underestimate the value of fashion and clothing.
  • You never or rarely go shopping. You don’t know much about clothing stores in your area.
  • You don’t invest your time, money, and energy in what you want to wear.
  • You let other people decide what you wear. You should take their advice into account, but you should have your own opinion.
  • You are not on the hunt for different ways to look better.
  • You have other priorities in your life, and being well-dressed has not been in your list.

Although there are other factors which contribute to being not well-dressed, for example money, I only mention things you can change, and your attitude is closely related to them.

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