How to Wear a Light Blue Coat

Q: What can I wear with a light blue coat?


1.When I looked at the coat, I immediately thought that black and a shade of blue would surely go well with light blue (Henri Matisse Rule).

light blue_dark sky blue_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                         Sweater                      Pants

So, my advice is to wear the coat with a dark blue sky sweater and black jeans. In my experience, when you combine like this, the coat would match the blue sweater to perfection.

2.There is another way to rock the coat to perfection. You choose a gray top instead of the dark blue sky sweater.

light blue_gray_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                       Sweater                        Pants

3.You can wear it with white cropped pants and a white top.

light blue_white_the_color_harmony

Coat                  Top & Pants

Remember that you should choose black or white shoes to go with this outfit.

4.It is okay to use this formula: the light blue coat, a white shirt or sweater , and a pair of black pants.

light blue_white_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                            Top                             Pants

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