How to Wear Grey Tank Tops

grey tank top men_thecolorharmony

A tank top for men (UNIQLO)

Q: What would match a grey tank top?


For both men and women:

  1. If your tank top is light grey, you can combine your tank top with blue jeans or shorts.

Tank Top                  Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara


Photo: Zara

  1. You can combine it with white jeans or shorts.

Tank Top                       Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara

  1. It is okay to wear the tank top with black pants or shorts.

Tank Top                       Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Farfetch

This grey tank top is from Joseph.

  1. If your tank top is dark grey, you should combine it with blue or dark blue jeans.
dark gray_jeans_thecolorharmony

Tank Top                        Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara

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