A Proven Tip on How to Stylishly Combine Your Clothing


Here is the biggest rule of dressing well you must know

Are you struggling with how to combine your clothes properly? The interesting thing about this is that we often miss out the one very basic rule that will make us look better.  Everything that you will ever learn about combining your clothing can be simplified into this one rule, and here it is..

Dressing well is all about combining colors in clothes.

Combine your clothing stylishly = Combine colors properly in clothes.

My website is all about combining colors and helping you look stylish. If you apply my information on this website, you will….:

    • look better: Specifically, you will learn my proven strategies I use to look stylish. Many people don’t know my secrets and assume that it is Dressing well requires you to develop your own skills and knowledge. It takes time and energy. It is like other skills you can learn at school. Highly fashionable people dress well when they plan on it , and even when they don’t.

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For both men and women:

1. I suggest you wear it with a gray/ white top and a pair of dark green pants. The top should be a deep v-neck T-shirt.

black_gray_dark olive green_the_color_harmony

Blazer                                 Top                                      Skinny Jeans

Wear black shoes with this outfit.

2. You can combine it with the dark gray top and a pair of gray pants/jeans. And Wear black shoes with this outfit.

black_dark gray_gray_the_color_harmony

Blazer                           Top                            Pants

3. You can wear a white shirt/blouse and the black pants. You can choose black moccasins, Oxford shoes, and heels to go with this outfit.


Blazer                                         Top                                  Pants

4. It is great to combine the blazer with a deep round neck T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.


Blazer                        T-shirt                             Pants

5. When you want to combine it with blue jeans, wear the combo with a black top and dark heels.


Blazer                                    Top                                  Jeans

6. You can wear it with the gray top and a black skirt/ black pants. Wear black heels with this combo.


Blazer                           Top                              Pants

7. You also can combine the blazer and black pants with different colored v-neck top (blue, red, black, gray, nude, green, pink…)

black_sky blue_black_the_color_harmony


black_coral red_black_the_color_harmony

Blazer                    Deep V-neck  Top                        Pants

8. You can combine the black blazer with black pants/ a black dress and a black top.


Blazer                            Top                              Pants

Again, you should wear black shoes/ heels with this combo.

9. Sometimes you can wear the black blazer with a white top and a pair of white pants.


Blazer               Top + Pants

Wear the combo with black moccasins.

Looks and Examples:

black_coral red_black_the_color_harmony

Blazer                             Top                                   Pants


Photo: Farfetch


You just need to follow my advice and wear like the style equation. You don’t have to spend more time to think about what to wear with your items. Most clothing combinations are tested.

Please don’t overload yourself with combinations. There are some combinations to choose from.  But just pick ONE from each post to start. Once you’ve mastered the first combo, then you can try other combinations you like.

  • spend less money: you just need to buy what is mentioned in each color combination. You now know exactly what you need and what will not go well with your existing fashion items.
  • get attention: When you choose to apply my advice, it means that you are about to join the ranks of stylish people: they get a lot of attention from others. They wear their fashion items right, and we, human beings, are always attracted to color harmonies.

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