How to Style a Black Jacket

Here you can see that I use mainly white and grey. These colors always look good with black.

These combos are also for black leather jackets.

For both men and women:

1. You can combine it with the dark gray top and a pair of gray pants/jeans. And Wear black shoes with this outfit.

black_dark gray_gray_the_color_harmony

Jacket                           Top                            Pants

2. You can wear a white shirt/blouse/sweater and the black pants. You can choose black moccasins, Oxford shoes, and heels to go with this outfit.


Jacket                                       Shirt/Blouse                               Pants

Women can wear the jacket and the inner top with black skirts and black boots.

3. It is great to combine the jacket with a deep round neck T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.


Jacket                        T-shirt                             Pants

4. When you want to combine it with blue jeans, wear the combo with a black top and dark heels.


Jacket                                   Top                                  Jeans

5. You can wear it with the gray top and a black skirt/ black pants. Wear black heels/ shoes with this combo.


Jacket                           Top                              Pants

6. You can combine the black jacket with black pants/ a black dress and a black top.


Jacket                            Top                              Pants

Again, you should wear black shoes/ heels with this combo.

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