How to Wear Black Tank Tops

black tank top_thecolorharmony

A black tank top for men (UNIQLO)

Q: what can I wear with a black tank top?


For both men and women:

  1. I suggest you wear it with a pair of black pants/shorts.

Tank Top          Pants/Shorts


Photo: Zara

Wear black shoes/ sandals/ flip flops with this outfit.


Photo: Zara


Ann Demeulemeester Tank Top Photo: Farfetch

  1. You can combine it with a pair of blue jeans/ denim shorts.

Tank Top             Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara


Photo: Zara

  1. You can wear white pants/shorts with the black tank top. You also wear light brown belt with this outfit.

Tank Top                      Pants


Alexander Wang Tank Top Photo: Farfetch


For women:

  1. It is great to combine the black tank top with a white skirt.

Tank Top                    Skirt

  1. You can choose a navy blue skirt to go with this outfit.
blue navy_black__the_color_harmony

Skirt                      Tank Top




How to Wear a Navy Blue Coat – Part 2

[part 1]

Q: what can I wear with a navy blue coat?


4. You can wear it with a white shirt and black pants. This is the simple but good combination.


Coat         Shirt           Pants

5.You can make yourself look completely different by wearing it with the white shirt and a pair of beige pants.


Coat           Shirt         Pants

Men’s outfit: you can combine this color combo with a blue tie and black dress shoes. I am sure you will look good.

How to Wear a Navy Blue Coat

Q: what can I wear with a navy blue coat?


1.If you have a pastel green T-shirt, you can combine it with the navy blue coat and a pair of gray pants.

blue navy_pastel green_gray_the_color_harmony

Coat                          T-shirt                                     Pants

2.Another option for you:

The navy blue coat can be worn over a black T-shirt and hot pink pants.

blue navy_black_pink_the_color_harmony

Coat                          T-shirt                                    Pants

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