How to Wear a Green Cardigan

Q: How can I combine a green cardigan stylishly?


For both men and women:

1.If your cardigan is olive-green, you can wear it with a grey top and a pair of blue jeans.

olive green_gray_blue jeans_the_color_harmony

Cardigan                       Top                                       Jeans

It is better to wear black shoes with this outfit.

2.If your cardigan is dark green, you can wear it with a grey T-shirt and black pants (skinny pants).

dark green_grey_black the_color_harmony

Cardigan                                  Top                                          Pants

You should wear dark shoes with this combo.

Different Ways to Wear a Green Coat – Part 3

Q: what can I wear with a green coat?


For both men and women:

6. If you have an army green coat/parka, you can combine it with a black top and a pair of navy blue jeans.

army green_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                             Top                           Jeans

Black shoes will go very well with this outfit.

7. Your olive-green coat can be worn over a white dress.

olive green_white_the_color_harmony

Coat         Dress

8. You can combine your army green coat with a white top and black pants.

army green_white_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                                Top                                 Pants


Photo: Farfetch

This military coat is from Paltò.


Photo: Farfetch

[Part 1]

How to Wear an Olive Green Bomber Jacket

Q: What would match an olive-green bomber jacket?


These general rules can be applied in all olive-green jackets (biker jacket, capes, oversized jacket…):

1. It is worth mentioning that olive-green, white, and black look really good together. So, my first formula includes: the jacket, a white top, and a black skirt.

light olive green_white_black_the_color_harmony

Jacket                              Top                        Skirt

You can wear black boots with this outfit.

2. It is okay to choose black pants to go with your jacket and the white top.

light olive green_white_black_the_color_harmony

Jacket                                  Top                         Pants

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