How to Wear a Gray Coat

Q: What would match a gray coat?


1.Gray, white, and black are basic colors and they look really good together. So, you can combine the coat with black pants and a white shirt. Wear this outfit with black belt and dark shoes.


Coat                                Shirt                                   Pants

2.A black dress and the gray coat can go well together. Wear this outfit with black shoes.


Coat                                                                  Dress

3. You can combine it with a black top and black pants. Of course, you should wear this outfit with black shoes.


Coat                                 Top                              Pants

4.If your coat is dark gray, you can combine it with pastel pink top and black pants.

darkgray_pale pink_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                                     Top                              Pants

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How to Wear a Navy Blue Coat

Q: what can I wear with a navy blue coat?


1.If you have a pastel green T-shirt, you can combine it with the navy blue coat and a pair of gray pants.

blue navy_pastel green_gray_the_color_harmony

Coat                          T-shirt                                     Pants

2.Another option for you:

The navy blue coat can be worn over a black T-shirt and hot pink pants.

blue navy_black_pink_the_color_harmony

Coat                          T-shirt                                    Pants

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How to Wear a Pastel Pink Blazer – Part 2

[Part 1]

Q: what can I wear with a pastel pink blazer?


4.This formula includes a pastel pink blazer, light lavender top, and cream pants.

pastel pink_lavender_cream_the_color_harmony

Blazer                          Top                                Pants

 5.It is okay to combine the blazer with a little white dress.

pastel pink_white little dress_the_color_harmony

Blazer                                Dress

6.You can also provide a black backdrop for your blazer by choosing a black jumpsuit.

pastel pink_black jumpsuit_the_color_harmony

Blazer                       Jumpsuit

7.A navy blue dress cannot go wrong with this blazer.

pastel pink_navy dress_the_color_harmony

Blazer                      Dress

Note: 1 to 4 can be used for men.