What to Wear with a Red Coat

Q: what can I wear with a red coat?


1.You can combine your coat with a white shirt/T-shirt and a pair of black pants. The white, red, and black pairing is a great combo.


Coat                             Top                             Pants

You should wear black shoes with this outfit.

2. My second formula: you combine the coat with a black top and the black pants.


Coat                               Top                        Pants

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What to Wear with a White Coat

Q: what can I wear with a white Coat?


1. If you have a white, long and collarless overcoat, I recommend that you can combine your coat with a dark (black) sweater/shirt/top and black jeans.

white _black_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                             Top                              Pants

You can wear black boots/shoes with this outfit.


Lee Min Ho Credit: KIMSOCOOL

2. If you like single-breasted coats, you also combine the coat with a white top and the black pants.

white _black_the_color_harmony

Coat & Top                      Pants

Wear black shoes with this outfit.


Lee Min Ho Credit:Unknown

3. You can make yourself look different by wearing blue jeans with the white top and coat.

white _blue jeans_the_color_harmony

Coat                               Top                          Jeans

4. If you have a boxy coat, sometimes you can combine it with a white dress. Continue reading

The Sequence of Combining Fashion Items

the sequence of combining fashion items_the color harmony

In the dressing game, a player who harmonizes all his/her clothes, shoes, bags, accessories together is the winner. There is a structure which helps you do it, especially for beginners.

I often start combining for myself by choosing an item I like and the purpose of combination is always to make all items support each other and work in perfect harmony. The first item in my sequence is a top or a bottom, because it usually covers most of the upper or lower human body. But sometimes I still replace it with a bag or hat which I want viewers to see and focus on. Accessories are the last things in the sequence.

In my own model, if you want to start dressing with your tops, the sequence will be:

sequence 1

Starting with your bottoms:

sequence 2

Starting with your dresses or jumpsuits:

sequence 3

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