How to Wear the Oversized Blazer Stylishly

It is very easy to style this black blazer. You can use my combos for all black blazers here

1.The simple and easy way is that you wear the oversized blazer with a white shirt/blouse and the black trousers. You can choose black moccasins, Oxford shoes, and heels to go with this outfit.


Blazer                                  Top                              Trousers

2.  I suggest you wear the oversized blazer with a gray/ white top and a pair of dark green pants. The top should be a deep v-neck T-shirt.

black_gray_dark olive green_the_color_harmony

Blazer                               Top                               Trousers

Wear black shoes with this outfit.

3. You can wear the oversized blazer with the gray top and a black skirt/ black pants. Wear black heels with this combo.black_gray_black_the_color_harmony

black_sky blue_black_the_color_harmony


black_coral red_black_the_color_harmony

Blazer                             Top                              Trousers

4.  You can combine the oversized blazer with black pants/ a black dress and a black top.


Blazer                              Top                                Trousers

Again, you should wear black shoes/ heels with this combo.

How to Wear Grey Tank Tops

grey tank top men_thecolorharmony

A tank top for men (UNIQLO)

Q: What would match a grey tank top?


For both men and women:

  1. If your tank top is light grey, you can combine your tank top with blue jeans or shorts.

Tank Top                  Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara


Photo: Zara

  1. You can combine it with white jeans or shorts.

Tank Top                       Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara

  1. It is okay to wear the tank top with black pants or shorts.

Tank Top                       Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Farfetch

This grey tank top is from Joseph.

  1. If your tank top is dark grey, you should combine it with blue or dark blue jeans.
dark gray_jeans_thecolorharmony

Tank Top                        Jeans/Shorts


Photo: Zara

How to Wear a Navy Blue T-shirt

Q: What can I wear with a navy blue T-shirt?


For both men and women:

It is better to choose a fit T-shirt and deep V-neck T-shirts are always my favorite tops.

  1. You can wear your fit T-shirt with a pair of black pants/jeans/shorts, a black belt.
blue navy_black__the_color_harmony

T-shirt                         Pants/Jeans/Shorts.

2. If your T-shirt is navy blue, you can wear it with blue jeans and a brown belt

blue navy_blue jeans__the_color_harmony

T-shirt                         Jeans/Denim Shorts

3. You can combine it with a pair of grey pants/jeans/shorts.

blue navy_gray__the_color_harmony

T-shirt                        Pants/Jeans/shorts

4. You can wear it with a pair of white pants. Continue reading